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Greylag Goose Hunt

Greylag Goose Hunt Everyone who is hunting in Norway must be able to prove that they have the necessary skills by compliting training and pass a hunter exam. To hunt small animals in Norway you must be 16 years old. Nevertheless, you can attend training hunting from the year you reach 14 until you are […]

Høgtun Sjøhytter

Høgtun Sjøhytter – Sea Cabins Beautiful cottages right by the sea! Hungry for adventure? Høgtun Cabins is a holiday paradise for both young and old! We are open year round! House and cottage rental Boat rental Fishing and crab fishing Activities and sights Diving Scenic and idyllic surroundings with sea, beaches, forests and mountains. Quiet […]

HL Økonomiservice – Financial Services

HL Økonomiservice – Financial Services Important core values of the company is high competence, good quality, close customer relationships, and efficient accounting. This makes HL Økonomiservice AS the natural partner for businesses at Helgeland. HL Økonomiservice AS currently has 20 employees with varied and great expertise in all areas of financial services. Silvalveien 6, 8850 […]