Experience the Islands by Bike

Explore the archipelago Dønna and Herøy by bike!

Rent a bike and travel through the most unique islands in the world. Take a bike ride over a variety of bridges and through a varied landscape, you will be close to rich animal and bird life, white sandy beaches and views of famous mountains on all sides. Herøy and Dønna with its 5814 islands is the most beautiful area to cycle in. You can also choose the bike route Brønnøysund-Vega-Herøy-Dønna-Sandnessjøen. The boat trip between Vega and Herøy takes you through a unique landscape of several thousand islands – World Heritage Area – where generations of fishermen and farmers have maintained a sustainable way of life based on the old eider down harvesting traditions.

Rent a bike of Ut i Øyan for the price NOK 225, – per day. The bikes come with bicycle bags and helmets. You can also order baggage transport for NOK 225, – per distance.

Trip Suggestions – Herøy and Dønna

On this trip, you will experience Helgeland’s finest area to cycle in. Herøy and Dønna with its 5814 islands, will give you thousands of memorable experiences. Ut i Øyan wants to make every effort to make you feel like a guest of the island community.

DAY 1:

The journey starts in Sandnessjøen with the ferry crossing the Alstenfjord to Bjørn in Dønna. Here you pick up the bikes from Ut i Øyan if you don’t have your own. If you have ordered baggage transport, Ut i Øyan meets you on the dock to transport your luggage to the next stop. From Bjørn, the trip goes towards Dønna on road 809.

There are many great accommodations in Dønna, you can choose an accommodation after how far you want to ride, and by preferences. Dønna Rorbuer and Bøteri and Rølvåg Rorbu / Brygge is located north of the idyllic island. If you wish to ride a little further north, historical Dønnes Gård is recommended, which also offers guided tours in Dønnes Church, one of the three medieval churches in Helgeland. From Dønnes Gård you can take a hike up Dønnesfjellet with its 127 masl. The view of what is called the world’s largest archipelago is amazing. If you don’t want to cycle too far the first day, we recommend cycling towards the centrum of Dønna where 3 Kalver can offer fabulous food. After a nice meal, the trip can take you back along road 809 and towards Brygga på Dønna where you can spend the night on the quay.

Time perspective:

Bjørn – Dønnes Gård 18.5 km (about 1.5 hours)
Bjørn – 3 Kalver 10 km (about 45 min)
Dønnes Gård – Brygga på Dønna 17 km (approx. 1.5 hours)

Accommodation in Dønna:

Dønna Rorbuer og Bøteri
Rølvåg Rorbu/Brygge
Dønnes Gård
Brygga på Dønna

DAY 2:

The start of day two can be used to explore more hidden treasures of Dønna. Nordvika Museum which is located in the Northern Norway’s oldest and best-kept trading place is worth a visit. If you want a family increase, it is said that the Dønna phallus on Glein can help you. The phallus at Dønna is one of the most famous in the country.

If you wish to take another route, which is also a bit shorter, we recommended the road through Våg (Fv 181). The road is smaller and you will have a beautiful view of the sea and mountains. The goal of day two is to arrive the island Herøy. On the way there you ride beneath the mighty mountain Dønnamannen, which has a shape of a face with the nose pointing up to the sky. Dønnamannen extends over 858 masl and is a popular hiking destination. Routes and more information on mountain tours can be found here: https://www.utioyan.no/donnamannen-fjelltur/. If you want to combine today’s trip with a small hike, that is not as demanding as Dønnamannen, the Åkvik mountain is recommended. The hike takes about two hours if you walk all the way to the top, and rewards you with a magnificent view of the islands. From here you can see Træna, Lovund, Herøy etc.

Herøy also offers a wide range of accommodation, all of which have their own characteristics and charm. The day can end at Augustbryggo with a meal at the quayside or at Seløy Kystferie which offer boat trips, accommodation and a refreshing drink in Pelles pub. If you want to cycle further, there is also accommodation on the north and south side of Herøy.

Time perspective:

Dønnes Gård – Seløy 39 km (approx. 3 hours)
Brygga på Dønna – North-Herøy 33 km (approx. 2.5 hours)


Seløy Kystferie
The romantiske huset
Herøy Brygge

DAY 3:

You have probably noticed that the landscape has changed from Dønna to Herøy. Several islands linked together by bridges makes it easy to cycle between places that are worth visiting. On the road from Seløy (Rv 828) towards Herøy centrum you will discover ETCETRA Botaniske Utskeielser mm. It is a magical world that has been featured on television several times. The owner is a Norwegian Champion in flower decoration, which has turned an old barn into an adventure, which is fun for both young and old.

From here on you follow the road (Fv166) that passes by Marine Harvest, across the bridge and beyond to the Inner-Øksningan. You can cycle all the way to the outer point of Øksningan. On the road we recommend a few hiking trips. The peaks are not high in Herøy, but provide a great view. Read more about “5 Peaks in Øksningan” here: https://www.utioyan.no/5-peaks-in-oksningan/?lang=en.

The road Rv 828 leads you into the center of Herøy. Herøy Brygge offers a lovely food by the water, or you can go to Helgeland Museum of Herøy for a “100 year old waffle”. The museum has guided tours in the Herøy Church, located on the other side of the road.

When you are finished with exploring Herøy, you can take one of the frequent ferries that go from Flostad to Søvik in Alstahaug, or the speedboat to Sandnessjøen. From Søvik to Sandnessjøen is an easy bike ride with view points and resting places. The bicycles can be delivered in Sandnessjøen, or you can leave the bikes at the tourist office at Herøy dock, if you prefer to end the cycle tour and travel by speedboat directly to Sandnessjøen.

Time perspective:

Seløy Kystferie – ETCETRA 6.7 km (about 20 minutes)
ETCETRA – Øksningan 6 km (about 30 minutes)
Øksningan – Herøy Museum 9.7 km (about 50 minutes)
Flostad – Søvik 40 minutes with boat

For assistance with booking or other questions please contact us on booking@utioyan.no or by phone. +47 902 50 460

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