Fishing Spots on Herøy and Dønna


A short stroll away from Augustbryggo restaurant on Seløy is Bukkholmen. There you can find a small beach with benches. From the cliffs, next to the beach, the water is a bit deeper and you have the potential of a larger catch.

Sti nedenfor Dønnamannen

Below Dønnamannen is a scenic marked trail that leads to Breivika beach. Next to the trail, the water varies from very deep to shallow with sand and pebbles.

It is possible to catch wild Atlantic salmon in this location.

The cliffs at Breivika beach

Furthest out on the cliffs at Breivika beach is a gorgeous fishing spot. There is a tiny reef a bit further out and casting towards it often results in a catch.


Hoholmenbrua is one of several great fishing spots in Herøy. Parking is located on the South East side of the bridge (the closest mainland / Silvalen). On the rocks right under the bridge and a little to the north is a very popular place, especially for pollock, but also cod. There are a lot of people who use the space in summer.

Hoholmenbrua Fishing Spot


Åkviksundet Bridge is the bridge connecting Herøy and Dønna, and a great fishing spot.

Parking is located on the Dønna side of the bridge, on the side of the road (“mainland” side – south). A very nice place especially if the wind is northerly winds.

Please note occasionally strong currents – no lifebuoys mounted – it is your own responsibility to stay safe!

Åkviksundet Fishing Spot