The Phallus on Glein

The largest stone phallus in northern Europe.

The phallus is placed on one of the largest burial mounds in northern Norway, about 35 m in diameter and 5 m tall. The mound is considered to be from the Roman period or the migration period. It has been excavated several times but the details of the findings have not been made available.

On top of the heap is Northern Europe’s largest stone phallus, hewed marble, 89 cm tall and the 50 cm in diameter. It is likely that the stone originated from the migration period. In Norse saga literature and Norwegian medieval laws are statements showing that it was customary to sacrifice on the burial mounds in pagan times. The white stone at “Val’håjen” is a phallic symbol of power which is also associated with fertility rites and the worship of Nerthus / Njord – the god of fertility, wealth and shipping.