Welcome to Herøy and Dønna - 5814 islands on the cost of Helgeland

When the locals say “ut i øyan” (out in the island), it is primarily the island municipalities Herøy and Dønna they mean. Herøy and Dønna have several small and intimate accommadations, good restaurants, shops and unique experiences. But most of all, Herøy and Dønna offer a fantastic nature. No matter where on the islands you are, you have a spectacular view to well known and dear mountains such as “The Seven Sisters” and “The Dønna man”, as well as other islands as Lovund, Træna and Vega. 

The islands have several annual events that are worth a visit. Herøydagan, Bjørnsmartnan, Sjarken Festival and Havna Festival in Sandnessjøen. Vega Challenge invites the toughest ones to a competition on water.

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