Etcetera Flowers, Café, and Giftshop

ETCETERA – botanical excesses is a meeting place for all who want to experience something out of the ordinary.

Experience a magical world! The shop has appeared on national television and in newspapers on numerous occasions. Etcetera is owned and managed by the Norwegian champion of flower decoration.

Meeting place. Flowers. Interior. Plants. Decor. Internet cafe. Good coffee. Atmosphere. Peaceful. Very good licorice. Good music. Experiences. Hot chocolate. Expertise. Inspiration. Herøy’s largest spool / outdoor cafe. Tables Fireplace.


“It’s an amazing experience to come to Etcetera, Tommy makes the most beautiful things out of almost nothing. You can stroll around and look for ages, time flies. Here is so many fine things, from the tiny flowers to giant plants. Occasionally you will find small, delicious licorice and you can also enjoy a cup of coffee on one of the cool plateaus with a good view of all the delicious biscuits in jars and vases “

“Inspiring, cozy, colorful and surprising 🙂 Will definitely return: D”

“Fantastic! Like going into a thriving adventure 🙂 “

“A great and exciting store 🙂 A joy for your sight and mind !! :)”

“Just as exciting to go through this fantastic store every time”

“It was a great experience to be there – will come back!”

“Today I have visited what must be Norway’s finest flower shop. It is a major tourist attraction that is well worth visiting and, not least, shopping in “

“Getting in, etc. is like getting into a magical world. Lovely shop! “

“Norway’s most amazing flower shop!”

Etcetera Café and Flowers

Hestøya, 8850 Herøy

47 46 81 52 15