The hike up to Dønnmannen is classified as challenging – and best suited for those experienced in hiking. There are some steep sections that are physically demanding, and it is not a recommended hike for those with a fear of heights.

Difficulty: medium-high, steep sections

Time: 4 – 6 hours

Trails: 3 well-marked routes, maps are not required. There are information boards placed at each of the three starting points.

Season: June to mid-September

Hiking Trails

There are three different starting point. Route 1 and 2 follows the same route up the mountain, it is only the first 3 km that is different. These routes start at the west side of Dønna, while Teigstad (Route 3) start at the mountain side facing Sandnessjøen. Einvik and Breivika is considered somewhat more demanding routes than Teigstad. It is an advantage to have experience with hiking in steep terrain.

Route 1

Via Breivika / Hagen. To get to Breivika so one must drive to Bjørn, and then toward Solfjellsjøen on the north end of Dønna. Before arriving at Solfjellsjøen, there will be a sign pointing toward Breivika left. Follow the road to its end. Breivika is one of Dønnes most famous beaches.

Route 2

Via Einvik / Hagen. If one comes from Herøy then Einvik is a few kilometers after one has passed the Åkviksundet Bridge that connects Herøy and Dønna. The starting point is located in a ravine.

Route 3

Teigstad from inside / east side of the Dønna (against Sandnessjøen). With only 8 km from the ferry terminal at Dønna (Bjørn) is perhaps the most easily accessible starting point. From the ferry landing at Herøy it is about 20 km to the start of the trail. It is a steep but safe and nice route up on Dønneman. Well marked trail.