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Augustbryggo Visitor Center of Aquaculture

Augustbryggo Visitor Center of Aquaculture A cultural arena that displays the fishing and aquaculture history of Helgeland Past, present and a little about opportunities and future. Here you will find an insight into our near history. A journey in time and space, fishing and aquaculture history of Seløy, Herøy and Helgeland. Herøy is a municipality […]

Greylag Goose Hunt

Greylag Goose Hunt Everyone who is hunting in Norway must be able to prove that they have the necessary skills by compliting training and pass a hunter exam. To hunt small animals in Norway you must be 16 years old. Nevertheless, you can attend training hunting from the year you reach 14 until you are […]

Explore the archipelago on bike

Experience the Islands by Bike Explore the archipelago Dønna and Herøy by bike! Rent a bike and travel through the most unique islands in the world. Take a bike ride over a variety of bridges and through a varied landscape, you will be close to rich animal and bird life, white sandy beaches and views […]

Tømmervika Opplevelsesenter

Tømmervika Opplevelsessenter Your professional and mobile provider of kayaking, hiking and activity packages in Helgeland Kayaking and active holidays in Helgeland We stock a comprehensive program to your friendship- or business group, where you can experience the archipelago and coastal culture in Herøy and Vega Archipelago World Heritage Site through guided sea kayaking in 1-6 […]

The best location for kayaking

Kayak rentals from Seløy Kystferie Although it is cold in the water, Helgeland is Norway’s hottest kayak destination. With an archipelago of 20,000 islands, the area is truly unique in the world. Helgelandskysten called rightly for the world’s most beautiful archipelago. In the middle of this fairy-tale realm is Herøy and Dønna with its 5814 […]